How to create a lifelong Training Plan

I wanted to write another great post for you this morning, but it seems ive woken up to face the dreaded writers block.. I was going to cover how you could create a lifelong training plan.

I did everything i believe to be right, i knew in my mind, what i was going to write afterall its something i feel very strongly about.

I bullet pointed the important sections over my morning coffee whilst writing my clients morning programs. I even though of some witty way to grab your attention, Did i make a mistake and try to rush through to meet my deadline, always getting these out of the way before 9am to be sure that when all this blows over i can still share my thoughts and opinions over the medium that is my blog.. Which i hope your enjoying by the way. Before everything returns to normal and im back to work!

Habits afterall are hard to break.

It Dawned on me that possibly i might need alittle more time, just like my training some days starting the engine from a cold start. moving through the exercises to make sure that all cylinders are firing to create the correct stimulus. mimicing whats about to come to ensure i stay injury free.

Maybe i need to blow the cobwebs off i did sleep rather well last night, stretch the muscles.. read a book increase my range of motion, Another important factor in providing a pathway to longevity.

Just a thought perhaps i should take my time publish this later take an aerobic approach and train my endurance, can i ride it out? conditioning first, After all the engine drives us.

Actually my own advice worked.. I stared for a second at the blank white page, like walking through the gym doors with a knowledge of what i need to do but no idea how to get there. lost.

I warmed up effectively, I mobilised and got the conditioning out the way first all things that make the most difference in a making sure we look after ourselfs first before looking after what matters to everybody else.

Following this approach has given me time to explore how my body moves, how my mind works, its given me sometime to find out why and what im training for.

what are you training for?

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