Why the bathroom scale is the school yard bully!!

How can you know if your making the correct progress towards your body transformation goal?.

Early on in my fitness journey i made the same mistake we make i focussed more on the scale then what i can see or feel.. Did you know your weight can fluctuate 6lbs up and down during different times of the same day. The same 24 hours!! take a look at these 7 indicators that your transformation is well on its way to success.

The most experienced coach’s know that the bathroom scale rarely marks the milestones along the clients path to a healthier body. long before the scale tips there are small signs that spread there wings.

what you need to know is how to look for them, how to track them and how to celebrate the small wins that accumulate to the big jackpot! #

  • You feel satisfied after meals.

Processed food with its sometimes extreme energy density, unmistakable deliciousness, sweet, salty, fatty tastes, tells our brains its hit the jackpot. eat until your full,stock up. as you know the junk food for most of us is a never ending supply leaving you unsatisfied and Hungry.

You’ve hired us your eating whole minimally processed foods for 85% of meals, your eating slower and much more mindful, fresh fruit and vegetables take the front seat, good quality proteins and fats satiate you and nourish your body giving you new life, the brains calm its getting just the right amount no darting to the biscuit cupboard for those dark chocolate hobnobs you will only have one of (wink, wink)

Yes this is actually one of the first signs your diet is working, without even so much as a teeter on the scale. having a sustainable easy relationship with your diet is the golden ticket to body transformation.

  • You have more energy

Cant remember the last time you didn’t feel exhausted? you cant even look your alarm clock in the eye, its break time your chatting with your work colleagues a super strength coffee with 2 sugars is the usual go to. your borrowing energy and you’ve got the workout to go. stimulation of choice Bang energy!! man that is a lot of NOS.

1 week after being on the program you wake up smile at your alarm, beat it to the punch today, “hypothetical minds eye high 5 encouraged” sleep game is on point! (more on this later) No need for the super strength today instead a calming green tea Raspberry flavor because i mean plains just…. PLAIN right.

Good nutrition, gives you energy, constant all day energy! “Not just a mad hour of running around with your pants on your head” only to collapse with the half eaten Ben and Jerry the kids left!

covered in another post will be the important information on how eating a nutritionally balanced meal plan covers the vitamins and minerals essential for energy production and overall health.. you’ll not find that anywhere else. “were talking to you dark choc hobnobs”

  • Your clothes feel a little less snug

There is always that one piece of clothing we just cant part with, you know the one. we can fit into it on the fifth equinox of the solstice on a warm morning in June! Tempted but like the memory of that time with the Ben and Jerry (remember that) were a little embarrassed, ahh to hell with it lets try it.. it.. it,.. fits???

No breathing in, No tightness around the armpits, glad we haven’t thrown it now. or glad we hid it from the good lady or main man.

Sometimes the scale will actually tip the other direction but your Belt has gone down a notch or that dress looks baggy.. seeing how clothes fit is another indicator of weight loss.

  • You sleep better

we have all had them nights staring at the ceiling, tired sleep deprived we become accustomed to 4 hours of Non-sequential sleep to get us through the day.

there are a few reasons for sleepless nights, stress, aging, hormonal changes, being a new parent (something i’ve got coming up), getting to much light before bed, throwing out the circadian rhythms.

Dieting to hard and exercising like a man man can also lead to insomnia, if your under recovered you can kiss those gains good by! similarly to this to much alcohol or stimulants can decrease sleep efficiency.

Your on plan, we haven’t touched a mid afternoon double espresso in weeks, a small glass of a beautiful red with dinner, portion sizes leave us satisfied. were calm, your winding down follow your sleep ritual boom.. groundhog day doesn’t sound so bad now does it.

Sleep is on the pyramid of great body transformation. great sleep = great results.

  • mood has improved

Along with great sleep you know feel like a lion or lioness, hangry is sooo last year, our brains and body require nutrients. Now fear of looking psychotic and talking to ourselves our brains send us signals which are completely up for translation. but mood swings and emotional eating are just some of them.

Now you’ve been on plan for a couple of weeks, you have checked in and now purchased on of our 30 day workout Ebooks. your ready willing and able you have fed your body all it needs to survive, thrive and succeed.

improved mood is also an indicator we overlook in our weight loss Journey, feeling more confident , knowledgeable and mentally switched on are powerful habits to have achieved, who knew so much can be achieved with good nutrition.


  • Your stronger more powerful and can endure what life is throwing at you

you came to us because your workouts were more like a sparring match with mike Tyson and well you were the punch bag.. standing there taking blows swinging back and forth but never actually getting anywhere.

Now your starting to trade blows, bobbing and weaving and man you look good! People are asking you the secret “how, why, when, tell me?” you nod politely tell them your eating better and it started there.

Eyes glaze

It cant be that simple? but we know it is.. your starting to see that there is much more to losing weight than looking at the bathroom scale. in fact you haven’t looked in a week.

  • Finally you know that this is more of a lifestyle than another fad diet

Nobody likes a chore, you were sick and tired of following the center pages of the daily mirror or cooking every meal out of the get lean quick book. Now your in control

You make the rules, better yet it doesn’t even need thinking about. you haven’t checked the bathroom scale in weeks, your progress photo has made it onto our highlight reel and we’ve reached out so you can tell others your story.

Take back your control join us today!

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Coach Prestidge!!

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