Are you an INDIVIDUAL, Building a sustainable Foundation

Search the internet you’ll find a million and one programs to lose weight, tone up, Get ASS, get huge. what you look for is sometimes not exactly what need, there is massive importance for individuals to have the correct program. The key word is individualism.

you’ll have noticed by now that i have a very shaded look at the industry as a whole, people are giving up there hard earned money to achieve the results you just possibly do not need


Why do we demand that we look like the (Insert wanna be celeb) on Love Island, perception is honestly the crux in our modern lives, for the low levels of body fat and picture perfect hair cut. later to find out they paid x amount for treatment as a quick fix.. but it got them to the big time and that’s all that matters……Right?

I challenge you to ask yourself honestly these 3 question.

  1. What do i want from my training

What do you want? replace this with what do i need from my training and i promise you will start to see immediate improvement both in your training and daily life.

2. Why do i need this from my training?

The question we never ask but always think of, you need to be able to answer this question every time someone poses the question to you.

WHY? is such an incredible tool to use!! Ask yourself this next time you find yourself doing anything if you got the answer its most likely the right thing to do. keep going!

3. When do i need it by?

often we fall into the trap of just falling into a slow dance with our training and our lives, we forget that to achieve we must have a start by as well as an end on! dedication to a fixed time domain builds character and ensures we keep moving in a forward momentum.

Ask your self those questions?

We will pause briefly write down your answers..

Being an individual has its downfalls, one of the most prominent being that its virtually impossible to do so when many of our goals cross!

Its when we capitalize on the strengths of the many to bolster the defense of YOU!

My top Individual ability’s we should all get better at to help us find the individual in you!!

working with clients has granted me a large pool of people of whom to draw my conclusion, that there are key areas that everybody should work on to have a fruitful training career, from the blatantly obvious to the in plain sight but often over looked! like the sink full of dishes you’ve still yet to get round to.


Every single defense program in the world has a very strict conditioning program, in lay mans terms cardio program. its astonishing how many people dont do any conditioning, if you dont then start now!!


through everyday life we have to carry something it might be your children, the shopping, the cat out of the laundry basket again.

Its foreign to me why we dont practice carrying heavy loads across distance, the benefits are immense, from increased metabolism to grip strength (grip strength being the number one indicator in metabolic decline in aging) as well as strengthening the entire posterior chain, targeting all the core muscles and increased spacial awareness and balance! if that’s not a good enough reason..

Body weight training

another really misunderstood principle and i know what your thinking, yes you do press-ups and lunges, im digging deeper in fact so far back were practically fossilized, the everyday movements of our ancestors, Push, Pull Lunge, Twist, Jump, Balance and hang! the very top of any sport use plyo-metrics you’ve probably heard or seen. children do these things everyday ask yourself why? (see its back again)

These movements are what enable us to develop FUNCTION the basis of what we take for granted everyday, they say children are the bright lights of the future.

The reason being they dont take it for granted. we become enslaved to the ridicule that were too old to play to MOVE to dance, Bum shaking encouraged! its the foundation we were built on its one of the reasons some kids excel and others dont, there just late bloomers that is what the gyms for and why we are all there.

Next time you grab your water bottle and head out to the sand pit think of this post add in some of the individual ability’s i suggest and ill await your email of gratitude..



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