Are you taking the program a walk or is the program walking you?

The way we structure our programming should be bias towards the specific goal or physiological change we are wanting, too often our journey specified to the route to the end goal, which is why so many of us feel burned out and annoyed. its also another reason why if you’ve had a bad experience before people are distrusting of coach’s

structuring your plan this way will ensure that you have the best chances of optimizing your end result, the complications arise when specificity of general population programming isn’t specific enough to meet the requirements of the many.

This in turn has a couple of outcome’s either hire yourself a knowledgeable couch with a niche in your area of interest, for instance a “physique coach” someone who works with bodybuilding athletes is constantly manipulating peoples weight whilst keeping muscle definition and size, perfect for that photo shoot or bikini body!

Power lifting coach is someone who leans heavily into providing the correct foundations through a strength and conditioning program to make you very strong, that being said this person will also have experience in manipulation of weight prior to contest but there focus is on performance.

cross fit coach usually prescribes a rigorous HIIT training plan along with usually a ZONE or PALEO diet prescription, cross fit in my opinion is a great way for general population to get into shape, there is only one loaded gun here.. you need to find a good coach and the memberships are crazy expensive for the option of class times.

The final option is a combination of both or unless your willing to put some time into a little study go solo, which can be done!! hence the rise of the Instagram guru!!

Nothing wrong with this but ill use the analogy

“Buying someones program online with no prior knowledge or subject matters presented only that of 6 pack abs and a juice plus endorsement is like going to the local shop owner and asking him to explain the krebs cycle”

Taking matters into your own hands its best to follow these guidelines to make sure your hiking up the right mountain!

  1. Decide what you want to achieve (weight loss, 200kg dead lift)
  2. Come to terms with the fact that to achieve this there has to be some changes
  3. Do a little research ask your local PT for advice if he’s good he will give you some advice and if hes really good he will recommend some reading sources
  4. Now log training and food ( if you’ve been with us on our Polymorphic Nutrition solutions foundation program you will definitely know how to tailor your nutrition)
  5. Go after it adjust and trust in yourself

The whole point of this is dont go after losing 10lbs whilst trying to achieve a new PR on the leg press make your Nutrition and Training specific to the desired result, it will reduce the chances of injury, hormonal imbalance and burn out whilst keeping you focused and healthy..

For Nutrition and Training advice please check out our other topics of interest



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