Strength, Power and Combat Sport

Like most sports, strength, power and combat sports benefit from full glycogen stores. in the days leading up to the event you should be focusing on eating enough calories to maintain weight whilst filling glycogen stores with plenty of carbohydrates. unless you are dieting to hit a certain weight, its good practice as well to eat foods your body is used too as competition nerves can cause some gastrointestinal stress which can prove unproductive to game day.

Eating during a power-lifting or strongman event is pretty easy as most of the time the competition has the different events spread over the day, separated by usually a couple of hours, the schedule allows you time to replenish glycogen stores and calories as well as hydrate ready for the next time you hit the platform.

Good practice here is low fat, low fiber food options and eating as soon as your event has finished as to not cause any discomfort or hinder the next event in any way.

Protein shakes and high glycemic carb foods are brilliant options think:-

  1. whey protein and orange juice
  2. whey protein and dextrose
  3. whey protein and rice pudding

combat sports are a little more complicated as the breaks tend to be much shorter and get progressively so as the event goes on, so food choice should be geared towards faster digesting low intestinal load foods, so electrolyte drinks and whey proteins are probably the best choice here think:-

  1. whey and coconut water (kris gethin does an excellent supplement for this)
  2. gatorade and whey protein
  3. cyclist power jel
  4. jelly babies
  5. date water blended

You can see a lot of thought needs to go into making sure that not only the food your eating on game day are right for best results but you also need to be sensitizing your body to the food groups, without throwing off your body composition goals.

Much like a bodybuilder getting ready for a show and sorting out his peaking strategy for when he hits the bright lights of the stage, you need to make sure you have the adequate energy and glycogen to perform at your best.

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