Why you should just move more!

Its a pretty simple concept one that from being born is ingrained in our DNA, we start to feel out the world and how our body in turn responds to different stimulus, learning at first to turn to our belly, then to our knees and then eventually to a very awkward standing position..

Are we taught or do we do this instinctually?

Instinctually is the correct, problems arise as rules for whats acceptable and how to behave properly in modern society override our natural responses for movement and play.

We sit more than stand, we watch more rather than play and we eat more than we need!! its crazy when said out loud but for some reason has become the norm.

Currently in research for my book and the statistics are immeasurably dire the amount of inactivity is crushing society into pain, inflexibility and obesity quicker than the meteor wiped out the dinosaurs.. Common fitness trends can either be a hindrance or a help depending upon the level of information at hand or the experience of those delivering it,

A Much more acceptable and easier way of making sure we are still mobile and strong as we age is simply to just move more, humans are the greatest movers on the planet there are hardly any animal species out there with the same dexterity and intelligence to mimic, observe and create movement patterns as us.

Most gym programs will have to working in one of the plains of movement resulting in lack of stabilisation, decreased mobilisation and overuse of joints and tendons resulting in pain and frustration .

Most commonly being the shoulders, elbows, hips, ankles and lower back.. go on tell me you have lower back pain?? what do all these joints enable us to do… Move, walk, run, play and most importantly live and survive.

Sports are a great way to just move a little more how we are supposed to, changing direction, speed and using balance and stability through space even though know some of these have succumb to the dogma of safety, its counter intuitive but a small amount of pain teaches us where the boundaries are.. yet we play to be safe not to move better..

If your stuck with your training and yo-yoing along through periods of activity and then inactivity or are finding that your hopping from one programme to the other follow my Instagram page Coach_prestidge for fun fresh ideas on how to spice up your movement, how to train optimally and how to improve your general fitness!!

Move more Live better

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