What My Definition of fitness looks like

Confusingly enough people have many different ways of looking at what fitness is, Do you want to be jacked, strong, an endurance beast, be flexible and mobile? To help all this there are a gazillion different programs and workout styles,. ways to increase your effort over time and get lean!!

Its context but by my definition you should be strong, mobile and Fit.. By fit I mean not blowing out of your chest on a 5k timed piece.. the problem arises when everybody wants everything a 300kg deadlift and a 5 min mile. These things are achievable by all standards, if you were paid from sponsors or owned a business that allowed you to sleep 9 hours, eat every couple and train at least twice a day with access to the best recovery tools!

You have to stop and ask yourself whats enough?? For you? and be proud of that.. does not matter in the slightest if the lean guy down the gym can take a deadlift for reps at 2x bodyweight using his straps (ill get to that another time… but ill say this if your using straps for anything below 2x bodyweight im afraid your not strong)

If your a general maintenance guy or gal shouldn’t your training ease your workload and compliment your work demands?

If you sit at a desk all day or drive a taxi shouldn’t your training focus on re_building your core and hip musculature?

If your getting ready for a tough mudder with work or a 10k for ashgate hospice then shouldn’t your training focus on building your running endurance and movement ability?

Ill be the first to say its great to look lean and muscular but for some people it comes with a price.. strict adherence to diet protocols and training optimising recovery and keeping a training journal or hiring a coach!

My opinion is or should i say my definition of fitness, i should mention im not developing into an athlete or getting ready for a competition!! because if i was my training would change to suit, it wouldn’t be about fitness anymore but meeting the demands of the task.. after all professionals or new professionals in sports and competition have the highest injury rate per head.

Its to be the jack of all trades

I can drop in a crossfit class and not have to learn or scale many of the workouts, I can go bouldering with my friends and have a great time, i can go running with a colleague if they need some motivation, I can play sports and come away injury free (In most cases)

My workouts are designed around 3 key principles in a very specific order:-

  1. mobility and stability over everything
  2. Strength through complete range of motion regardless of weight moved
  3. always keep conditioning work

Simple right?

If you need help with your training as its ran away with you over the past couple of years and want to get in the best shape of your life join my email list available here Physicaloutlaws.info hit the sign up button and join the mailing list for workouts and ramblings from a kinda fit dude!!

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