3 Things to consider when your training..

Just take a second to think about your current programming and ask yourself these 3 questions

  1. What am i trying to achieve?
  2. How am i measuring my progress?
  3. How do the exercises i do relate to my end goal?

Have you answered the questions and do you feel confident about your answers, in my opinion there are 3 metrics that if done correctly will pretty much make sure that even if your programming isn’t optimal you will still get amazing results ill explain each with a brief description below..

Now i’ve been coaching for a number of years now and as a trainee before this i’ve served my faults in the trenches and wish to save you guys from doing the same, I personally make sure these metrics are always in place with my clients so lets get started..


First of all does the exercise selection your doing align with the results based ending you desire, for instance if you were wanting to lose weight and improve your health, Yet seemingly always miss any conditioning work does this really align with your goal?

You are wanting to add mass and improve your strength yet your eating in a deficit its counter constructive you cant do both you have to eat to increase mass the “calories in vs calories out”

My advice is start with the end in mind, first visualise your end results and work backwards from there. What are the main things that are non negotiable when it comes to meeting that end deadline. How can i structure my program to suit the needs? as an example

Im wanting to improve my capacity the amount of work i can get done efficiently with little drop off in performance, that’s the end goal now i structure my programming to suit, so i would have more longer paced workout sections to align with my end result..


Theres a million ways to measure progress the problem is you ask anyone how they measure it and i bet you will get the same blank stare and generic answer i just lift more than i did last week… Yet

  • Did you record your rest periods to ensure accurate progress
  • Did you write down the number of reps you hit last workout were they the same
  • Are you working out at the same time with the same amount of calories and hydration
  • Did you sleep well the night before and after
  • Are you using the same movement pattern or machine

As you can see there are a lot of questions pertaining to whether your actually making consistent progress or are just generally winging it.

I suggest you start with one and try to build more in so that your getting a really accurate result.. the number one under appreciated and overlooked of all these would be timing your rest periods, in fact its that important you wont really ever find that not being written in a program.


Again this is similar to the first question but relates more to the actual exercises you pick, your not going to get a better more efficient deadlift doing bicep curls in the squat rack, no matter how many cheat reps.. each exercise is like a piece of the jigsaw puzzle, this commonly gets overlooked and why you will see lots of people with a really shitty squat.. i’ve seen coaches with really bad squats, if your coach cannot do a proper squat with full form and control, No amount of BS should ever make you hire them,, they haven’t done there homework on themselves what makes you think there going to do it for you?

BY homework i mean the foundations of building up to a full back or frong squat.. the countless repetitions of a goblet squat and backwards lunge the mobility drills and the ability to know where each variation sits in a program and why.. this is why you should ask yourself this same question.. what exercises should i do to improve (……………….) The end result!.

My advice is form over function watching someone perform a perfect bodyweight squat will always outclass and outlast the 140kg knee bend you’ll see work backwards with the end in mind and start there.

I hope you found this useful


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