Apple cider vinegar the core truth..

Keep hearing that apple cider vinegar is the superfood with magical properties? Or that if your not taking it your not one of the super cool.

If you haven’t yet consider yourself lucky till your neighbour or the gym locker room chatterbox tells you so!

But for all the hype there has only been 14 studies with human trials, so I’m sorry but the jury is still out on that one, as there is insufficient evidence to suggest that it has said health benefits.

Pretty much a MEH response still science still finds that it could have some benefits due to the polyphenols and acetic acid.

Several studies have found that acetic acid ingestion before or during a high carb meal has been shown to lower the glycemic response of the meal.. I wouldn’t suggest pouring apple cider vinegar over your toffee cake though..

A few other studies show it may have an impact on triglycerides, weight loss and satiety.. even if the data is questionable.

So the burning question??

Will taking apple cider vinegar consistently actually improve health outcomes..

Meaning does it lower diabetes or heart attacks, or help prevent disease.. unfortunately its impossible to say as the longest study ran has only been 12 weeks.

So to take it or not,, its no miracle cure thats for sure, it is possible it may help some individuals granting them some benefit so my suggestion would be to at least try it.

Safety in mind research says that that the risk of side effects is low when taken in moderation a dose of 2 tablespoons daily!

Any higher than this and you may experience more frequent bowel movements and increased flatulence and wind.

So experiment see what happens take notes of how you feel and the reaction to it and go from there.. until more studies have been done the ruling is still out on this popular weighloss cure.

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