Why it pays to Deload

We are all subject to the media proposal of train hard, train frequent and train for ever, but what if i told you taking short breaks between moderate to hard bouts of exercise actually helped your gains more than the common misconception of hurting them. … More Why it pays to Deload


Theres a huge trend of adding coconut oil, grass fed butter to the morning brew, optimally called “bullet proof coffee” personally im on the fence with it, as long as the diet is otherwise healthy, but i can honestly say there is nothing magical about sticking mam-giant slab of saturated fats into coffee. … More BUTTER ME UP

Alcohol, body composition and performance a drunk mans tale.

Lets face it most people fall into two groups when it comes to the subject of alcohol in fitness, first alcohol does not impact fitness when used in moderation and within calorie constraints, or the other side of the round table is the belief that it should be avoided at all costs by anyone serious about there athletic pursuits. … More Alcohol, body composition and performance a drunk mans tale.