Its a common competition between friend groups.. thousands flock to youtube to watch eating challenges and some people are world renowned for there ability to eat challanges like they were snacks.. but just how many calories can we eat..

Well a study performed on a small group of males from the University of Bath, Has shown light to a rather large gap in total calories.

First the group was asked to eat Dominoes pizza until comfortably full. The findings were that overall 1600 calories were consumed in a single sitting, to say that 1600 calories is a rather hefty chunk of most peoples weightloss CALORIES. the results are quite surprising. Wouldnt you agree?

Heres the real eye opener the same trial was ran but this time the group was asked to eat until stuffed, They couldn’t eat another bite! The average caloric intake rose from 1600 to 3100 nearly double the calories from the first trial.

Think epic cheat meal, holiday dinner that Sunday BBQ blowout!

This summed up that healty men have the capacity to eat twice the required energy content required to achieve comfortable fullness in a single meal.

Showing that evolution has allowed us to gorge to save when food is in abundance.

This provides a unique problem in todays society, food as we know it is readily available. Heck i can get my phone to bring me food, removing the hunter gather part of our ancestral motives. (Less overall movement required)

The real issue is that because of this we regularly overeat causing an overall increase in weight gain. Most likely cause for widespread obesity.

Most of the people I work with come to me for weightloss not gain, When showed how much there eating weekly the reaction is usually the same.. but I don’t eat that much really!.

Hope is not lost there is something else to take away from this study.. That we have the ability to choose instinctively when we are satisfied. But it is easy to over eat highly palatable, energy dense foods.

To combat this there is a rather peculiar technique used to give clients control back over there eating without having them count or track calories or even change there Diet significantly.

Slowing down…

When eating it takes upto 20 minutes for our stomach to tell out brains and visa versa that we are full.. think back to that last McDonald’s burger you ate, how quickly did that dissappear.

Slowing down our eating gives our bodies time to send the right signals, Helping us to eat less calories and stay fuller for longer as our psychology helps us feel more satisfied.

There are a few ways to get around the awkwardness of slow eating, setting your utensils down between bites, chewing your food until its completely macerated, having a meal with friends and allowing table conversation.

There’s another study that breaks down our psychology of why we like to eat in packs for this very reason.

So I urge you to give it a go and join my 30 day eating challange on Facebook.. Search

The mindful eaters 30 day eating challange.

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